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Psychic Phone Reading

I offer insightful and truthful Angel oracle readings by phone, or by e-mail.

 New callers to  Click4advisors  always receive 3-free minutes toward their first call.  So  call me for a free reading.

I always give 3-free minutes to all my callers who have spent $20 and more.

My fee for a phone Angel Oracle readings  are $2.50 per minute. I am a real and truthful reader who has read for thousands of people from all walks of life.  Read Feedback

I do not read from a script in a room full of other fake readers. Every reading is authentic and original.  Just for you!  

I am very grateful and blessed to now offer YOU  Guidance from a higher frequency, vibrating within the realms of Angels. All messages come from Angels, Archangels or Ascended masters via Oracle. I do not communicate with DLO.  As DLO are vibrating on a lower frequency than Angels. Note: Keep in mind that you cannot force a specific Angel, Archangel or Ascended master to come through. For more info about Angel Oracle, please review blog to get an understanding.

What to expect when you get a reading from me?

I will ask for your name and the name of the other parties. I will ask you to breath deeply and to relax. I may ask you one or two simple questions to help me with timing. Most of all, I will ask you to be open and to let go. Keep in mind the Angels will sometimes tell you what YOU need to know and not always what YOU want to know.

I am also a Reiki Master and will gladly offer you a Reiki treatment, if you’d like one, as part of our session.

I also offer E-mail readings, which are great for people who want to go back to a reading and look at the information again.


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E-mail Psychic reading

Some of you like the convenience of obtaining an e-mail reading. I find those work best if your question is straightforward and does not involve multiple casts of characters.

Questions such as, “I just applied for a job (name the job). Will I be offered the position?” is a good one.  Or “I just had a date with a nice gal/girl. Will I see him/her again?”  are good. Simple and straightforward.

But a question such as, “Will I ever hear again from my ex-boy/girlfriend? I keep dreaming about her/him. Why?”  are not easily answered by e-mail and often require a much longer and delicate reading. There is so much emotion attached to such questions. I much rather speak with you.
Description: Two questions – Angel Oracle reading – plus 1 follow-up questions


E-mail reading, 2 questions Love  and relationship-Price: $60 via PayPal

Description: Please provide me a clear and detailed question with names of all parties involved. Be available to answer any questions that I may have to clarify your question before the reading. The E-mail reading is delivered within 48 hours of purchase.


E-mail reading For Children, 2 questions-Coming Soon!

Readings for children are my favorite! I will channel an Angel message for your daughter or son. I take my time to meditate about your question and energy. I spend around 1-2hours working on the oracle reading. Send me the question or situation via email after your PayPal transaction.
An angel reading for children can benefit you in many ways: It can guide you to be more playful with your child, let you know about child hobbies, find out whats bothering or upsetting your child. Or maybe your child or teenager wants the reading for themselves, either way they will recive the same guidance.

You as the parent will have to book the reading for them and note who the reading is for such as “Parent reading” or “Child Reading” . If it is a reading your child wants, let them know they can ask any question they want:-)

Note: I do not offer readings for unborn children.

The angelic guidance are endless!


E-mail Infidelity Consult/Non-Psychic consultation- Price: $75

Suspecting your loved one is cheating on you? Want expert advice on what to do, and how to catch them via physical evidence?

Description: Please provide me a clear and  detailed explanation about your problem with spouse/partner. Be available to answer any questions that I may have to clarify your concern  before the consultation. The E-mail consult  is delivered within 48 hours of purchase.This is a Non-Psychic Consultation.


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