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Good Day,

I am a Reiki Master who studied under the guidance of the great teacher Steve Murray and am  an experienced tarot advisor. Please accept my invitation to join my healing circle .

For a free reading,  simply sign-in  on Click4Advisors and receive a completely free 3-minute reading. I read for professionals, businesspeople, artists, and stay-at-home mom and dads. Read my testimonials.

What to expect when you get a reading from me?

I will ask for your name and the name of the other parties. I will ask you to breath deeply and to relax. I may ask you one or two simple questions to help me with timing. Most of all, I will ask you to be open and to let go.

I am also a Reiki Master and will gladly offer you a Reiki treatment,if you’d like one, as part of our session.

I also offer e-mail readings, which are great for people who want to go back to a reading and look at the information again.  If you are not comfortable with a phone reading, I also offer e-mail reading.

Email-Based Psychic reading

You may like the convenience of obtaining an e-mail reading. I find those work best if your question is straightforward and does not involve multiple cast of characters.

Questions such as, “I just applied for a job (name the job). Will I be offered the position?” is a good one.  Or “I just had a date with a nice gal/girl. Will I see him/her again?”  are good. Simple and straightforward.

But a question such as, “Will I ever hear again from my ex-boy/girlfriend? I keep dreaming about her/him. Why?”  are not easily answered by e-mail and often require a much longer and delicate reading. There is so much emotion attached to such questions. I much rather speak with you.

Description: Two questions – tarot card reading – plus two follow-up questions.

I hope to hear from you soon.

With much respect,

Golden Light
1-888-626-7386 #10966

Accurate, Empath and truthful psychic and Angel card reader

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