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Welcome to Golden Light’s Psychic Reading Page

I'm a natural born emphatic, and experienced psychic with clairalience (smelling) gifts. My soul PURPOSE in this UNIVERSE is to provide YOU with healing and help you get through pain and suffering. Putting a smile on your face and making you feel better brings TREMENDOUS JOY and PEACE to my HEART!

Note: I will only tell you the truth, and not necessarily what you want to hear, but what you need to know.

New callers at Click4advisorsreceive 3-free minutes! All my callers that spend over $20 receive 3-free minutes toward their next call.
My rate is $2.50 per minute. I promise that you will get an accurate, truthful and loving reading from me. No questions are too big or small.
I use Angel Oracle, Angel numbers, Third Eye Vision, Reiki, and Dreams for confirmation. I am a Reiki Master who studied under the guidance of Steve Murray .

Call me for TRUTH ONLY.


Note: Infidelity consulting is a non-psychic reading.

You may trust my honesty, accuracy and wisdom. As a Reiki Healer with the Gift of Vision, I am an ACCURATE and TRUTHFUL Angel advisor for all your life, love, family and questions.
Call when you are serious and ready to walk down a path that will transform your life & when you are willing to make the necessary changes. Let's remember to smile and ENJOY life

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